a photo of Jay rocking the hollowbody Ibenaz Artcore.

I have played guitar for quite a long time. And yet, music is a mystery to me. I know a few things about it, but I don't completely understand it. I teach what I have learned, and I am learning all the time.

When I open my soul to worship the One who made me, open my mouth to sing, take up my guitar and release a sound into the air; something supernatural happens and I can run unhindered and I can see invisible colors. And when someone comes to me and wants to learn what I have learned, and I realize the privilege of affirming to them the incalculable value of their uniqueness, imparting to each of them the wonder that was given to me, I feel the joy of my King.

This site is here to share with you the music I have written and played as a profound outcome of all I have learned to date, and to do my part in helping you realize your own exploration of this transcendent form of communication GOD created called "music."