Beginning of the music section, photo of Jay's Goodall.

This music is like nothing you have ever heard before, unless, of course, you have heard it before. And then you might think that it reminds you of something else you've heard once upon a time.

Let me say it like this. There is only one Tchaikovsky, one Andy Williams, one Karen Carpenter, one America, one Yes, one Peter Gabriel, one Dan Fogelberg, one Sting, one Eric Johnson, one Pat Metheny, one Laurence Juber, one Andrew Latimer (of Camel), one Phil Keaggey, one Jeff Beck, one John Coltrain, one Miles Davis, One Jaco Pastorius . These are just a few of my teachers, and though they never knew it, I have taken lessons from all of them.

Like a long line of individuals passing single file by a canvas, and each of them casually adding a unique stroke of color, so each one of them has unknowingly contributed their own hue to an ever-changing mural. A virtual kaleidoscope of sound that is the dynamic I endeavor to communicate with my instrument in the songs I write.

For me, sounds carry invisible colors, and when you overlay and layer those colors they speak of something transendent, something other-worldly, something deeply emotional and beautiful. The mystery of music.

Just listen. And if you don't hear anything that touches your heart then consider that it might be your turn to sing out the shards of beauty the King of all creation has entrusted uniquely just to you.